The Big Craptic Quizbook

Over 1,000 new Craptic brainteasers, for fans of the popular long-running Saturday morning quiz on The Chris Moyles Show.

This joyously addictive book is sure to irritate, exasperate and hook in all of your pals.

A Craptic, for anybody not yet acquainted, is a series of dodgy word clues that when merged and said out loud creates a name or phrase.

*breathe out in despair * holy man with hair ring * moo-er * waterhole*

Now for the first time, you can unscramble Craptic clues that lead to movies, TV shows, bands, books, comedians and filmstars. There's oh-so-much fun ahead with this craptastic range of new categories to play anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

Be warned though, Pippa has found some very dubious ways to get you to the right answer...

Are you ready for some seriously silly laughs? Put yourself to the Craptic test.